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Y3K Disposable Vape Pens


Switch your vape. Shift your mood. Each Y3K vape features an intentional blend of terpenes designed to affect your mood. ​

Terpenes are the natural botanicals found in every plant and contribute to the “entourage effect” associated with medical cannabis.​

Curio Wellness and SunMed Growers – two of Maryland’s locally-owned brands – have come together to create Y3K vapes. Designed to carry you through your day, each Y3K blend comes in a convenient 0.3g disposable pen.​

Power Up
• For your morning BOOST​
• Featured terpenes: Valencene and Limonene
• May produce these effects: Energizing, Focus, Alert​​

• For your midday REFRESH​
• Featured terpenes: Pinene and Beta-Caryophyllene
• May produce these effects: Uplifting, Balanced, Refresh​

Shut Down
• For your evening CALM​
• Featured terpenes: Myrcene and Linalool​
• May produce these effects: Relaxation, Stress Relief, Calm​

Onset: 1-5 minutes

Duration: 4-5 hours